Process Improvements were critical to success

Kyle was a key team player in the change management process.  His strategic understanding of complex contract terms was critical to our success.  The end result was a contract that focused on both the customer and our goals.

Kyle also assisted our line managers by revamping an outdated, labor intensive system with an efficient electronic reporting system.  The resulting management reports tracked key performance measures of services provided and employee productivity.  As a result, line managers and their teams were able to spend less time generating reports and could quickly focus on business and customer service goals critical to our success.

Glenn R. Weinger, SPHR Director One-Stop Career Center

Focused on Key Cost and Revenue Drivers

Kyle coordinated a complex information system conversion.  He learned the new system quickly with minimal training and was able to produce detailed sales analysis that quickly identified areas for improvement.   He provided us with management reports unlike any we had seen before.  His presentations focused like a laser on key cost and revenue drivers.  I sincerely recommend Kyle at a plant, region or corporate level.

Kerry Graves General Manager Georgia Pacific Corp.

Automated Processes and Tasks while improving Accuracy

Kyle, I wanted to convey my appreciation for all your hard work and contributions you have made to make the Mineral’s Finance Group successful. Your extensive knowledge of the Microsoft applications, primarily Excel and Access, have really helped us to automate many of our tasks without compromising accuracy. You have brought much perspective and insight to our existing processes. Although you have added value in many areas, the process you have created to handle the complex net present value layering calculations behind our asset retirement obligations have proved to be a significant improvement. The FASB143 requirements are very complex, however you were able to understand these complexities and dissect them to create an automated process with built-in integrity checks to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Additionally based on your overall understanding of database structure and programming, you created several real-time database front-ends to facilitate better reporting and data management from both our purchasing and general ledger systems.

You are a valued member of our team.

Chris Garbe Mineral’s Finance Group