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The term “small business” has a different meaning depending upon whom you ask. Whether your business nets less than $1 Million in sales or an at-home business, PBI has a computer evaluation networking solution to fit your needs.

Small Business Hardware/Software Evaluation

Before you spend another dime on a new computer or software package, let the computer experts at PBI guide you in the right direction. We carefully evaluate your current hardware and software system and find the correct solutions you seek to make the most of your inventory. Based upon the evaluation, our PBI Technology Experts then give complete recommendations to streamline and improve your business functionality.

Small Business Networking Solutions

Did you know that you can set up to 10 computers on a network without the cost or headache of a dedicated server? PBI can customize a small networking system to allow easy file sharing and data backups.

Contact PBI today to learn more about Small Business Solutions to save you time and money.

Does your small business suffer from “Spreadsheet Overload”?

Many small businesses understand the need to gather and analyze data efficiently. Sound strategic analyses are needed faster, with greater focus, and in areas never before examined. If your Controller or CFO is spending more time preparing management reports than developing and executing strategy, then you need the expertise of Professional Business Intelligence Corp. to save your organization time and money.

We understand your business

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hire an IT consultant that understood complex accounting like a CPA and the management accounting of a CMA? What if this person also had a decade of experience in business restructuring? At PBI, we offer these competencies to your organization.

Improving your accounting and analysis structure by assisting your business:

Access to Talent & Experience

Our executives have multi-dimensional experience directing finance, IT, and operations within several industries and large organizations. We deliver this rich resource of knowledge to your company, providing an array of services to save time and money. We can assist any small organization as a “Part Time CFO” which will help eliminate outdated processes and streamline your operations.

Business Application Integration

Restructure your processes, gain efficiencies and ensure better control of your business applications. We develop powerful, automated and integrated applications to tackle complex time consuming processes and succeed in getting more from your data. Best of all, we develop these applications within programs you already know and use daily like Microsoft Excel, Access or SQL, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint. No need to learn another large computer software program, just click and GO.

Office Business Applications Overview

There is another way…

The end-of-the-month process should not be an extraordinary event as it is completed over and over again. It should be well rehearsed and easy, but the processes are not yet automated and it is difficult to make changes to current procedures as they are taking place. Also, it takes a lot of skill to write the code necessary to automate most manual tasks. And once the “month end closing event” is passed, there are a host of other duties to be done. Even the most efficient accountants cannot fully automate time consuming tasks. As a result, they continue to waste countless hours performing mind numbing exercises just to generate a report or to prepare a journal entry.

At PBI, we have the talent and skills necessary to fix these problems and make operations more efficient. We can effectively train the team in charge of specific tasks for month-end reporting, leaving more time for the skilled personnel to add value to the organization.